Keith Alexander
1 August 1976
My name is Keith.

I am a classical studies major at the University of New Mexico. I like Ancient History, cultures and languages. Long dead civilizations fascinate me, like the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Celts, Aztecs, Olmecs, Mayans and the like. Both anthropology and archaeology are cool, but I don't have any extra time to study them. I think ancient artifacts are cool!

I'm dating a really cool guy. We are in love and monogamous. I'm hoping he'll be the one.

I am a full time student, but I work as a part time systems administrator at UNM. I like my job - it's easy, it pays well and it's rewarding. I want to be a writer when I grow up, although I won't mind teaching or being an expert for the Discovery Channel, History Channel and PBS. I write a lot. I write poems, lyrics, tons of journal entries, scripts, screenplays, short stories, novels -- if it's some form of language scratched out on some form of media, I've tried it. If I can make money as a writer someday -- great! If not -- great! In the meantime, teaching will pay the bills and it will be a satisfying and rewarding career -- I might join Teach for America or the Peace Corps someday.

What kind of person am I? I am dynamic. I'm a chameleon. I'm static. I stay the same. The world flows, so flow with it. I try not to judge others for their choices. I try to be tolerant in all ways.

I have personality flaws, but prefer not to dwell on them. I believe that people can change for the better. The world is a good place. I have faith in humanity. I have changed, and I will continue changing. I still make mistakes. That's okay, because so do you. Almost everything is forgivable -- patience is a virtue. You must have patience to be in my life.